Linhof Boutique Guesthouse \ Paternoster

Only a year ago, owner & entrepreneur Doret Linde ditched the rat-race of city living to open De Linden Boutique Guesthouse in Paternoster. It became so successful that Doret decided it was time to take on one more project which eventually became the brand new opening of Linhof Boutique Guesthouse. With it's spectacular views and location, Linhof in Paternoster is ideal for guests seeking a luxury seaside experience.
Being an original West Coaster I try grasp every opportunity to return to the tranquility of my home town. On arrival to photograph Linhof I was completely mesmerized by it's beauty - just when I thought the coast can't get any better!
If you're still on the look out for a December getaway, look no further! 
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