Lily \ 7 Today

It seems cliché to say that I blinked and the past 7 years flew by but it sure seems like they have. I still remember bringing Lily home from hospital, I was so anxious and unsure how I would manage motherhood. I couldn’t stop staring at her, in fact, I still can’t take my eyes off of her;  I still can’t stop hugging her and showering her with kisses. As a matter of fact, I can’t ever imagine things not being this way.

Today, I think it's safe to say we rock at parenting, and I feel so blessed to have shared this journey with Lily's dad who has truly been the sweetest most thoughtful father. 

“Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.” — Minor Myers Jnr

There is a lovely African proverb that says; ‘It takes a village to raise a child' and it couldn't be more true. To our families, the Spencers and Elizma who so generously welcomed our Lily into your hearts - we couldn't have done it without you, thank you for being part of our adventure! 

My darling Lily, you bring so much love & light to so many people, keep shining, keep smiling and always remember that you are magic!

This is only the beginning my dear, our best years are still ahead of us! 

We all love you dearly! 
"In you I see someone special"

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