Johan & Marcélle

Off the shore of Kalk Bay lies Dalebrook tidal pools, a hidden gem with sheer distant mountain views and miles of dark blue waters. It was here, at the crack of dawn, I finally got to meet Marcelle & Johan. Emphasis on finally, Marcelle and I have been Facebook friends for 3 years, but we've never met in person. (You can imagine our excitement!) 
The weather most certainly delivered with an ominous cloud cover and deep grey tones. There was a strange warmth to the cool setting. After spending a few hours with them, I couldn't help but notice how perfect they are for each other - their total ease with one another, the intimate sharing of space, and the way they look at each other exuded acceptance & happiness - love. 
These two incredibly down to earth and adventurous souls are about to embark on what will be their most memorable experiences of them all, marriage. They've decided to elope in Paris, France this coming May (it doesn't get more romantic than this, right?). 
I'll be joining them in Paris to capture their 'Je fais' (I do's)! So follow me on Instagram to see what we get up to France. 
Au revoir!
Assistant Milk & Honey Photography | Makeup Vee-Xins