Over the past 7 years of shooting and building my business I’ve gained some pretty badass knowledge.

With that said there’s been so many times that I wish I knew then what I know now.

We’ve all been there. You’ve either hit a wall, or you’re feeling uninspired or simply just frustrated.

Whether you’re just beginning and need someone to light the way or if you’re a experienced photographer and need to stay inspired, photography is a constant area of growth and I’ve learned that the best way to do so is from other creatives in the field.

The level of support and guidance I gain from my current mentors acts as a constant source of inspiration for my work, and that is what I hope to provide for you.





This session is for beginners, topics may include anything from the photography basics (shooting in manual mode and mastering the exposure triangle), to using your DSLR camera, posing, composition, workflow and basic editing techniques.


R2500 - 3 HR



You already know the basics and you’re looking for some extra guidance and support. Topics may include workflow and post production, business + financial matters, client interaction, storytelling, developing your own style and posing.

This session includes a short styled shoot with a couple/model so you can see how I shoot, pose, & direct. I'll also let you shoot them so I can help with any questions you have + give feedback. Sounds fun right!?

We will end by looking through the images and I will show you how I edit.


R3500 - 4 HR



Feel like you want experience all of the above?  This is the session for you!

We will start by sitting down and going over the basics on how to shoot manually. Then we will go on site with a model/couple and get to put all that good information you just learned into action! We will end by looking through the images and I will show you how I edit.


You'll also get a 20%  discount for learning everything in one day!


R4700 - 6  HR



All sessions include (but are not limited to):

+ finding your niche, your style + your aesthetic

+ how to attract & book your ideal client

+ shooting & posing (or rather not posing - allowing it to be organic + emotional)

+ live shoot with models or couple

+ finding good light, anywhere

+ workflow - from start to finish

+ goal setting & constructive criticism on your work and/or website

+ pricing & PDF's

+ advertising, collaborating, instagram

+ a goodie bag filled with useful things :)